By Vera van de Nieuwenhof in Travel Guide

There are three primary cuisines in Lijiang: Naxi, Tibetan, and spicy Sichuan. Some restaurants offer more than one type of food. Western food is also available, but at a higher price.

Famous Lijiang street food

Baba is a flat wheatbread that comes in two versions: a savoury one that is sometimes served with hot chili sauce, and a sweet honey version.

Naxi style fried white cheese is local cheese cut into slices, then fried in a non-greasy batter. It is only served in restaurants, usually with sugar sprinkled on top and delicious.

Yak's milk yogurt tastes a little bit different from cow's milk yogurt, but is very good. It is usually served with honey, muesli, and/or fruit, or made into fruit shakes.

Fried yak meat served as barbecued skewers.

Local and western cuisine restaurants

Restaurants with a description, photos and reviews can be found here.