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The word "Netsang" means "station" in Tibetan language. These stations were once scattered on the ancient Tea Horse Road and used as a resting place for horses. Horse caravans carrying tea, silverware and other materials would pass through this mysterious ancient road. The bells swayed and rang, the hoofs knocked on the bumpy road, inscribing the brave borderland stories and legends.

Although the era of horse caravans has long gone, the Netsang yard is still here to continue the soul of the horse culture. Guests from around the world are welcomed with fragrant tea. In the courtyard, a tree and a cup of tea, a poem and a painting, a meal and a room are mysterious doorways taking you through time and space. Step into the history and feel the charm of the horse culture. Return to the present and find peace in the warm hospitality of the hosts. In Netsang, you are no longer just a passer-by, but a part of our extended family. We are waiting for you to come back "home"!

12 Shilian Xiang, Songyun village, Shuhe Old Town

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Sabrina Dawn
This is a lovely guesthouse with incredibly friendly and knowledgeable management. I had a wonderful time staying here. The rooms are nice and big with plenty of sunlight, and the added perks, from the food to unexpected activities, were definitely a pleasant surprise.