Guandu Ancient Town

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About Guandu Ancient Town

Guandu Ancient Town is located in Luofeng Village, in the south of Kunming. As a famous historical and cultural town, it is a showcase of Yunnan culture. It was a vital transportation hub at the bank of Dianchi Lake even back to the time as early as the Dali Kingdom.

One highlight in Guandu is the "ancient ferry and fish lantern". Rows of lanterns were lit up along the bank of Dianchi Lake in ancient times, which was a grand sight.

There are six temples, seven pavilions and eight shrines inside the town. Guandu is the first place that brought Tibetan Buddhism into Kunming. Miaozhan Temple was relocated in the middle of the town in 1325. Beside these attractions, local snacks such as Guandu rice noodles are also a popular attraction for locals.

Gudu Liyuan Theater is the place where the town is still keeping the tradition of Kunming Opera alive.

North of the intersection of Guangfu Lu and 43 Xiangdao Lu

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Took the family here to stroll around and there's a LOT of walking. Many of the stores appear closed, but the bar street nestled inside seems quite well populated. We chose the Japanese restaurant near the entrance (there are many entrances). The food and service was quite acceptable - from the fruit salad, tuna salad, curry pork cutlet, and the ubiquitous California Sush Rolls (you can buy the small size or the large size). It rained a little while we were there, which helped drench the heat and humidity. When the sun came out - it was HOT. If you're lucky, you'll occasionally see people (usually women) wearing minority clothing being photographed by professional photographers. There's also a small photographer's store where you can rent various ethnic clothing and have professional pictures taken (maybe the two are that I think about it). There's also the ubiquitous game centers (shooting galleries etc) for the kids and unaccompanied teenagers. It seems the most popular venues were the prolific food courts - but that's probably related to it being lunchtime when we visited. The place is clean and plenty of antiqued door fronts (the wood panels) for those photo shoots. Capping off the visit, one must of course take pictures on the bridges crossing the lily ponds and the landmark temple spire. We didn't make it to the surrounding temples. Maybe next time. Transportation is everywhere - but make sure you have your mobile phone ride share app working, just in case you hit rush hour. Again - for now - it seems many vendors were closed - but I'm positive that'll change again as the economy begins to rebound. Excellent way to spend a half day as opposed to the kids faces glued to their mobile devices...fresh air, good food, plenty of people watching, and walking...walking...walking...
**Ah Bo's Burmese Cuisine was the place mentioned in my review.
The best place in Kunming for people watching on a sunny weekend day. Several nice temples, good restaurants, pleasant atmosphere; it's just a pity that the bus ride here is such a travail.