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In and of itself, Tiger Leaping Gorge (虎跳峡) is one of the most spectacular hiking destinations in all of China. Besides the otherworldly surroundings and views, other factors also work to make trekking 'the gorge' one of the most worthwhile trips in the country for outdoor enthusiasts, and a can't-miss destination for those visiting Yunnan province.

While the trails snaking through Tiger Leaping Gorge are never crowded, they are also only about two hours from Sanyi International Airport in Lijiang (丽江). Basically, you could step off the plane in the morning and be at the trailhead by noon. Once there, Tiger Leaping Gorge's trails wind their way through alpine villages and feature world-class views of stunning Himalayan peaks. And unlike soaring hikes deep in the mountains of Nepal and northern India, Tiger Leaping Gorge can be hiked year-round. In fact, the dead of winter is often one of the best times to go.

40 kilometers north of Lijiang Old Town

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I hiked the high trail last October. And even though I was very tired after the 28 Bends part, the views and the experience were absolutely amazing. Worth every step of the journey.
dr. chibbles
There is simply no better place to visit in Yunnan than Tiger Leaping Gorge. If you have come for nature, serenity and the grandeur of the outdoors, this is it. Even with the building of more tourist centers, the actual hiking paths are shockingly empty most of the time. Awe-inspiring.
One of my favourite places in Yunnan. I've walked the high trail 3 times and every time the stunning views of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain make me feel like I traveled to a different planet. I would recommend to take 3 days if you can – 2 days for the high trail, and 1 day at the end of the trail to hike down to the river.