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About Damaidi

The area known as Damaidi is only a few kilometers west of the town of Shigu and the 'First Bend' in the Yangtze River. This secluded mountainous area is a backpacker's dream, with trails running out into the surrounding countryside in every direction. The paths wind up into the hills, through huge stands of mature forest and past the accessional secluded village.

Daimaidi is also home to some of China's best sport climbing areas. More than 100 routes, from beginner to expert are bolted and ready to go.

West of Shigu Town

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Simply put, one of the best rustic one-horse towns around. Simple and quiet. The local food is simple too, but delicious. Residents are great to talk to and quick with suggestions for hiking paths. The rock climbing routes and options in the surrounding mountains are world class.