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About Fenglong Bay Tourism Town

Fenglong Bay tourism town is located in Xundian County, Kunming. It is 80km away from Kunming and 55km away from Qujing. It sits in a superior geographical location with convenient transportation.

The overall area of Fenglong Bay is about 22.5 square kilometers. The bay itself is rich in natural resources and unique landscape. Water area is winding and long, together with mountains, formed hundreds of magical landscapes such as "traveling dragon and playing phoenix".

The track of the sightseeing train inside the town carries unique history and culture. The Yunnan Vietnam Railway bridge inside the bay has been retained, became a part of today's sightseeing train route.

The town owns multi-ethnic cultures such as Han, Hui, Yi and Miao. Relying on rich natural resources and national cultural resources, Fenglong Bay created a romantic fairy tale world based on four main lines: 22km romantic sightseeing train line, 16km lake viewing line, 12km waterfront forest plank road, 18km horse road and bicycle lane.

Theme Hotel Fenglong Bay developed diversified hotel projects, providing tourists with a unique leisure and vacation experience in one-stop. At present, four theme hotels in operation are: cave hotel, cabin hotel, castle hotel, maguohe river bank romantic hotel.

In addition, in the commercial street of strange house village, there are Peacock Bookstore, Eagle Restaurant. Swan market provides interesting experience, children's natural classroom, and characteristic commodity sales.

Xundian Hui and Yi Autonomous County, Kunming

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