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Voice in Nature Education (VINE) was established in Lijiang in 2017. It promotes the vision of connecting the world through language, and connecting people and nature through mindful action. VINE’s mission is to inspire and support people to learn English in an easy and natural way, and to create opportunities to study in nature and learn from it. VINE’s objectives include: 1. Committing to personal development; 2. Nourishing and strengthening students’ interest and motivations; 3. Building students’ capacity of using English as a communication tool; 4. Strengthening students’ focus, attention, creativity, critical thinking and action; 5. Strengthening the connection between humans and nature.

Our teaching strategies involve using fun and interactive activities in our curriculum, including outdoor and indoor activities, interactive lessons, in-depth engagement with students, games, and learning with parents. Meanwhile, we also integrate nature education and other approaches into our lesson design. Our school currently focuses on teaching primary school kids with the class size of 6 to 12 students. We are also planning kindergarten, middle and high school level classes.

The founder of the VINE Angela Yanfang Cun’s personal mission is committed to personal, social and environmental sustainability. She currently runs a local environmental NGO called Eco-Lijiang, which focuses on local conservation and sustainable development. She is also the co-founder of Wild Mountain, a social enterprises committed to environmental education and sustainable tourism. Angela gained her education in the UK and US and worked for international environmental groups for more than 14 years as educator and trainer. She is looking forward to collaborating with individuals and organizations that share the same vision and values to develop VINE into a great school which can contribute to language education and personal development.

1268 Xueshan Lu, Boshihou building 7th floor

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