Baisha Institute of Naxi Murals

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About Baisha Institute of Naxi Murals

It has ancient Naxi Murals left from Ming Dynasty.

Baisha Village, next to Baisha Government Office

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I thought this was the most authentic and historic part of my visit to Lijiang. It was also really quiet and peaceful. I was staying in Shuhe so it was only a short bicycle ride away from my guesthouse. Together with a wander around a Baisha it makes for a beautiful and peaceful escape from busy Lijiang.
dr. chibbles
Not a huge collection, but a good one. Very well-preserved frescos from more than 500 years ago. Interesting to see how Naxi, Tibetan, Bai and Han artistic traditions all mesh. Cool building housing everything too. Plus, there's a small collection devoted to Joseph Rock. Cool for history dorks like me.