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About Stone Drum House

We are a small family run rock climbing hostel, located close to the market town of Shigu and just one hour from the famous old town of Lijiang.

The house is set in a beautiful valley, surrounded by towering limestone cliffs, jagged mountain peaks and pristine forests. With fresh air, clear blue skies and unspoilt nature, it feels a long way from the hustle and bustle of Chinese city life.

We arrived here in 2015 and have lovingly restored the traditional Naxi house as a base for rock climbers.

Currently there are around 160 routes from grade 5.7 to 5.14a, but with new routes going up every week and massive potential this will soon be one of China's top climbing destinations.

It's also only 65km from the crack climbing paradise of Liming, making this area unique having both traditional climbing on red sandstone, as well as limestone sports climbing.

Damaidi, Daxin Village, Shigu Town
18088229256 (English), 13888516186 (中文)
18088229256 (English), 13888516186 (中文)

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A great little place in the middle of a beautiful valley chock full of great climbing spots. The beds and rooms are very comfortable, though the bathrooms are shared, and of the "eco" variety (a plus as far as I'm concerned). The owners are very helpful about everything from info on climbing spots to trip planning and getting around the area. Also, the place is dirt cheap. I wholeheartedly recommend it.
My favorite guesthouse in China. It's a rock climbing destination, so most of the guests are climbers. But it's also a great spot for getting the heck out of Kunming and spending a few days hiking and relaxing in a pleasant village in a beautiful setting. Very reasonably priced. Would also serve as a perfect base for exploring Laojunshan National Park by mountain bike, dirtbike or 4x4. Lots of trails and roads all over. Also, a good stopover if you're heading up toward the area around Weixi and Tacheng. About an hour drive from Lijiang Train station. Reuben and Long, the owners, are wonderful people. Food is good, with communal dinner every evening around 7 to 7:30. May not be suitable for everybody: toilets are outhouse style and shower/sinks are communal. But internet speed very good considering the setting. Great little getaway from the big city.