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The Eagle-Tiger-Dragon Trekking Route (Ying-Hu-Long)

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About The Eagle-Tiger-Dragon Trekking Route (Ying-Hu-Long)

Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is called "Oulu" in Naxi language, which means silvery mountain rock. It's 13 silver-packed and snowy peaks are endless, just like a dragon flying over the clouds, which is why it is called Jade Dragon. Because it consists of mainly black and white limestone and basalt it is also called "black and white snow mountain". This is the mountain at the hearts of the Naxi people. Sure, it’s possible to buy a canister of oxygen and take a cable car to the viewing platform to witness the rapid melting of the southernmost glacier of the northern hemisphere. But you can ask yourself, is this the best way to honour this holy mountain...?

With our expertise in outdoor experiences in southwest China, we have crafted an entire off-the-beaten-path experience. From overcrowded Lijiang Old Town, all the way over mountain ridges, through remote Yi villages and all the way up the slopes of the treasured Snow Mountain. You’ll be surprised how pristine these places still are. With absolute top of the line camping gear, superior knowledge of local cultural customs and stories and decennia of experience of cooking some of the greatest outdoor meals in China, this is a perfect family getaway and the best chance to see the real old Lijiang from the perspective of old fashioned explorers.


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