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Culture and Nature tour through Tibetan – Lisu – Naxi villages

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About Culture and Nature tour through Tibetan – Lisu – Naxi villages

Visit the first bend of the Yangtze river, experience Lisu culture, be introduced to Tibetan culture and Buddhism, local cuisine, spot Golden Monkeys and learn about the Epic of King Gesar


day 2

Visit of Dharma Cave Hanging Temple high in the mountains. According to legend this the place where Bodhidarma lived as a hermit for many years, reached enlightenment, and then transmitted Buddhism to the region.


Drive to Lisu village where we arrive in the evening. Possibility for soft hike (1h) up to the village. The Lisu are animists, believed to have inhabited this region for about 1,000 years, before starting to move South- and Westwards direction Myanmar, Thailand and Arunachal Pradesh. Day 2 evening: Enjoy a genuine Lisu dinner, attend a performance of traditional Lisu music by the villagers.

day 3

Visit a Lisu village, learn about Lisu culture, interact with the villagers. Soft hike in the mountains around the village.


Return to Tacheng Ecolodge.


Attend a recital of the Tibetan Epic of King Gesar. There are less than 200 Gesar singers surviving today. The Epic of King Gesar is one of the few living epics, the longest literary work in the world, transmitted orally since about 1,000 years.

day 4

Today we have an amazing opportunity to see the endangered Snub-Nosed Monkeys in their natural habitat. Also known as Yunnan Golden Monkeys, it is the primate that lives at the highest elevation after humans. Their diet consists of lichen and bamboo leaves.


Transfer to Lijiang or Shangri-la.

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