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Lijiang Minority Villages Ecotour

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About Lijiang Minority Villages Ecotour

After visiting Fuguo Monastery, one of the major Tibetan lamaseries in Lijiang and also home and school to a group of Tibetan orphans displaced from Tibetan Sichuan, we will drive to the picturesque and less trodden Yi minority village of Snowflake at 3100 metres, where locals still keep to their traditional lifestyles and customs. We will return via the Naxi dominant Wenhai village which lies on the banks of Wenhai wetland where livestock such as yak, black pigs, goats and sheep graze freely. We will drive down to the quaint UNESCO town of Baisha to enjoy a homecooked lunch in a local house, before heading on foot to pristine Yulong Village and finally end our trip as the local cows start heading home at 5pm.